Graf Friedrich Von Kauffman

Minor noble and reputed entrepenuer

A handsome, well put together aristocrat whose wealth goes vastly beyond his station. Friedrich is the only son of the Von Kauffman bloodline, whose merit has been vastly improved by the fortuitous and shrewd business manouevres Friedrich has been known for amongst the Averland mercantile circuit. He is slightly under six feet tall and bears himself with an upright posture that only appears to make him taller. He is in his mid thirties, though his good looks have kept him from showing his age. He has sharp features and accentuates them with his narrow beard and his impeccably groomed handlebar moustache. He wears the latest fashions in fine textiles, and his coat of arms (a black Imperial cross encircled by a stylized red sun) is displayed proudly around his neck, engraved into a gold medallion.

The Von Kauffman line doesn’t have an esteemed enough pedigree to be a serious contender for the Electoral seat, though Friedrich is respected and influential amongst the social spheres. Much of this influence derives from his business acumen as well as his excessive finances. He has donated (repetitively and publicly) sizable amounts to the temples of Sigmar, Shallya and Verena as well as to the city coffers to improve infrastructure. Most recently he has personally financed an expedition to the Southlands to acquire curiosities and knowledge of foreign lands.

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Graf Friedrich Von Kauffman

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