Luminary Konrad Mauer

Esteemed wizard of the Order of Light


A short, slightly built man, whose true age is hard to discern due to his extended use of Light Magic, though is believed he is in his mid fourties. His pristine robe casts an iridescence about him and his pallid skin isn’t of a much darker shade. A white miter sits atop his bald head, which adds several inches to his apparent height. His neatly kept beard and his thin eyebrows are both as white as his robes, but people are most stricken by his eyes, which are washed out and luminescent and get noticeabley brighter when his spirit is high or he is channeling magic. He has proven an asset to the council of lords stewarding Averland and they refer to him for knowledge of the obscure and arcane. Although he is still a member of his college, he has deemed Averheim his home and is a welcome by its people.


Luminary Konrad Mauer

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